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Others would cast aside the rejection and start anew and persevere until success comes their way. One question needs to be asked: why would a human person dedicate his/her life towards creating a script from scratch, creating something original, and something that obeys the demands of the movie industry in an environment that is very injurious to career health? Would it be because of: 1. The huge prize that is gained by his/her script being accepted? Or 2.The potential for earning money if the finished product i.e. the film made is a blockbuster? Or 3. Having one's name linked to success? Or 4. The kudos gained by association with success especially during Hollywood's red carpet occasions? Or 5. The fame that is self-gained by being a part of the profession that is known throughout the world? With pitfalls that lie in the wake of the screenplay writer, that, if contravened, often spell the death of the screenwriter's career, the question again asked is why those persons battle through unswervingly, persisting increasingly in wanting to become a screenplay writer and think and write scripts? For after all, there is much evidence in the director's/producer's office where it has often been claimed that their bins hold the rejected scripts of many a budding writer. The streets around Hollywood are often full to bursting with writers who have attempted scripts and failed in having them accepted. Such problems have not acted as a deterrent against writers who believe that their day is about to come when they will rival Quentin Tarantino in his achievements of success. Hollywood and screenplay writers are very much in partnership one with the other. The question here is can that partnership be broken if the human element is removed from the partnership? The short answer is a categorical and resounding yes. There are functional entities within both Internet Marketing and the world of research where computer technology is used very productively to add weight to the yes answer. Here are two examples of how the systems work: a. Within Internet Marketing, computer technology is often used to extract information from the Internet and package it into preset forms for later use be they in the form of articles and short reports. b. In an experiment conducted by one of the major US universities, algorithms set by computers are already creating wonders in the field of texts creating thousands upon thousands of e-books. It is certainly not that far removed from the world of screenplay writing whereby the same technology could be used with features: conflicts, twists, names etc being used to produce text/scripts which are just as good as if not better than contemporary scripts and in a much more surefooted way for use by producers/ directors. That hoped-for result is a reality for those technologies are very much with us today. The question that will be asked is whether there is a fear within Hollywood that the screenplay writers of tomorrow will be doomed and will not be of the human variety but will be in the form of a machine. The technology is very much with us today. 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